No More PC Speeds and Feeds: Optimized Browsers and Internet Access

As you know, I’ve been using hosted applications much more and frankly really not needing traditional software much at all.
Much less of Microsoft Office, instead Google Apps.
I’ve been using Carbonite for two years now and love it. But guess what, if I’m not storing much on my hard disk, there’s little need to backup what’s not there.
What I’m finding is VERY important are two things:

A good, high speed, Internet connection and the best web browser.
If you don’t have a stable (fast and quality) Internet connection, your online experience is not going to be great. Asking your employees to use a hosted Google Apps or Slide Rocket (instead of Microsoft Power Point) is not going to be met with cheers if your Internet connection is not fast.
The other important component is a web browser. As you move more of your applications online, the web browser you use is critical. I’ve been using Chrome for the past week and really like it. It appears to be faster than FireFox.
In any case, as you move away from traditional software, computer speeds and feeds (like hard disk space and memory) will be less important than an optimized browser.
Your IT consultant needs to help you manage you network and computers, but they must also help you optimize your use of hosted applications.
PS – BatchBlue Tweeted today that soon they’ll launch a new version of BatchBlue that makes using CRM fun!