Now Is the Time to Buy Technology: Vendors Are Hungry for Your Business

The Wall Street journal reports that Dell and other technology vendors continue a very aggressive push to get more small businesses to buy.
WSJ writes The Round Rock, Texas, PC maker has spent the past year trying to stimulate spending by its small business customers. It has offered new financing arrangements to small businesses, including interest-free deals for some purchases of $25,000 or more. It even has offered free computers to some small-businesses that purchase other products. In some cases, Dell has offered discounted computers and services to companies that agree to appear in its advertisements.
If you are in need of new computers, servers or software, NOW is the time to contact your technology vendor and ask for better pricing and better credit terms.
If you are purchasing a lot of technology, as in $10,000, $50,000 worth of equipment, ask your accountant to help ensure you have the right financial documents that will ensure the tech vendor can favorably look at your request for better financing.