Review: HP iPaq Glisten (Touch Screen & Real Keyboard)

hp-glisten.jpgFor the past few days I’ve been trying out HP’s iPaq Glisten.
Right now I’m using an HTC Ozone. This was after many years (or so it seemed) of the Palm Treo.
There are three things I immediately liked about the HP iPaq Glisten.
1. It has a nice keyboard with flatter keys than the HTC making it easier to type.
2. I also like the fact that the screen is a touch screen.
3. The ‘track ball’ is flat so makes it easier to move the cursor around the scree
HP’s marketing the Glisten as a blend of business tool and “fun” device.

I listened to music through XM satellite radio (via AT&T’s cell phone network) and I watched video on CNN. All came through clear. The video was a bit grainy, but the audio was crystal clear. The phone, running on AT&T’s network, at 3G is quite quick.
Regarding business, HP’s loaded some nice business tools on the Glisten, including Jetcet Print, which enables the Gliten to print to printers via a wireless network.
I printed to my HP 6500 Wireless Printer just fine. Unfortunately you can’t print from Mobile Office, but I think that’s a problem with Microsoft not enabling printing. To print, after some trial and error, I saved a document as RTF and then printed it out via the Jetcet printer software.
The Glisten, has a rubberized strength to it, which probably makes it a bit more durable than the basic, cheap, plastic of many other phones.
I wish I could have changed the “Start” menu to be a list instead of icons.
Overall, the phones very good – fast, solid and feature rich.