Stop Marketing And Create A Tribe. And Why Seth Godin Is Not On Twitter

On the occasion of the Fifth Annual Small Business Summit 2010 Seth Godin was interviewed and spoke about why businesses, especially small businesses should focus on creating TRIBES out of their customers and not just marketing to them (some call this yelling).
In this interview Seth also shares, in brief, why he’s not on Twitter.
Out of all the technology available to businesses, especially small businesses, that enable us to REACH customers and more easily communicate with them, it’s now easier, more than ever to create tribes of our customers.

If you’re using Facebook, Twitter, your blog, your email newsletter or even your web site to market to customers and shove your product down their throat, it’s time to step back and consider how you can instead create tribes of customers (and prospective customers) who LOVE you (as a person – or one of your employees) and the products and services you produce.