4 Tips To Show Trustworthiness Online. Thanks To Scammers Trust Is So Important

It’s a given that e-commerce web sites – those that store personal data and other transaction oriented web sites – need to be not only secure, but ensure their customers KNOW they are secure and FEEL secure as well.
When you go into a bank, the security, big vault, plexiglass, cameras and more make you feel and indeed DO make the bank a secure place.
Same thing with the day care your child might go to – the plastic things covering the electrical sockets, foam on any edges, plastic jungle gym and background checks of the staff. The place is as secure for your child as it can be.
However, when going online – you don’t know if the site you’re at is a ‘good’ site or one that’s seconds away from inserting a virus or some malware onto your computer.

For those of you who have “non-transaction” sites, maybe you just offer information. Your need to be secure is not as high as a transaction site. However, your customers are more aware than ever that ANY web site can be a source of malware and infect their computers.
Verisign released a new $25 a month service for non-ecommerce (transaction type) web sites that wil regularly check your web site for malware and display Verisigin’s “Trust Seal” to visitors know your web site is not infected nor going to infect them.
Verisign claims that with the seal, there are three benefits;

  • Maximize traffic to your Web site
  • Turn more visitors into customers
  • Build customer trust and loyalty

Check out their video for more information:

Other ways to establish trust (for free) include:
1. Have an easy to use web site
If your web site is badly designed people will immediately not be desirous to buy from you. Isn’t that the way it is in real life? We make our initial judgments on how people LOOK.
2. Place contact information where it’s easy to see
If there’s no way to reach a LIVE person, or you don’t get a quick email response, new visitors to your web site are not going to feel confident about buying from you.
3. Respond quickly to customer queries.
The faster you service customer needs and respond to them, the better they’ll feel about buying from you.
4. Consult with your web host how to best secure your web site
You are NOT a security specialist, but your web host has a team of people whose job it is to ensure your web site and those using your web host are secure. Give them a call or email them to see what further things you can do to ensure your web site is secure.