Video: 6 Steps To Successful Business Video Production (Plus review of NERO Multi Media Suite 10)

Video is a very powerful way to reach to reach your customers, prospective customers, employees, partners and anyone you want to communicate with online.
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The three challenges in creating video are:

  • Shooting the video
  • Editing the video
  • Hosting the video

Shooting the video is relatively easy, you can use a Flip camera (which I’ve used for many years) or another type of camera (I just bought a Canon camera. I’m going to take it back to B&H Photo as I thought it was a high definition camera. But we’ll see, maybe for online video I don’t need HD)
Editing the video is the hardest part. All Windows computers come with Microsoft Movie Maker which let’s you create very, very basic videos. I think Mac computes come with a much better video creation tool.
In any case, if the videos you show to your customers do not LOOK GOOD it devalues your brand and looks crappy. Trust me, I know.
Doing a video yourself, that looks VERY good is not easy. In fact the best way to have video that looks good is to hire a video producer/editor. However if you don’t have a budget does this mean you have to crappy videos? No.
I’ve been trying out Nero’s Multi Media Suite 10 and it enables you to create video that’s powerful and engaging.

Beyond video creation, Nero’s Multi Media Suite let’s you manage DVD/CD ROM burning, backup and other tools such as audio editing and PC performance tune up.
However, the main focus of my review was video editing.
For several months, my frustration with Windows Move maker was that I could not do captions (text on the lower portion of the video, showing who was speaking, for example) and other things that I’d seen on other videos.
Nero’s Multi Media Suite, costing $99, let’s you creating a stunning array of elements within your video that turn a “plain video” that might be less engaging into one that is more engaging and brings greater results to your video production.
Video editing takes expertise – just like driving a car, designing space shuttles, or making a bowl of rice. The more you do it, the better you could.
The more I used Nero’s Multi Media Suite, the more I was able to do. The manual was good for using the software, but I didn’t know what many of the video editing terms were (and still don’t) hence it taking me (and probably you) a bit longer to learn than something I was more familiar with, like blogging or collaboration.
Hosting your video is pretty easy. Of course Youtube is the grand daddy, by far, for video hosting. However, there are other companies that can host video as well. These include:
Fliqz – focused on tracking and monetizing video content – A free video hosting platform that gives you more flexibility than Youtube
Viddler – Nice site, with extensive features, to help you maximize your published videos. A direct competitor to Brightcove.
Vimeo – Is also a nice site on the level of Free, no white label, but good.
Brightcove – a powerful platform, which I’ve used before for hosting and managing videos at the very professional level.
Nero’s not the only video editing package around but some others include:
Sony Vegas Studio
Apple Final Cut Express
Overall, if you want to use video more in your business, follow these steps:
1. Assign someone, if not yourself, to take a class in video production. This class should teach you the basics of video production and editing. Such as lighting, how to use a basic camera, and an array of editing things to know.
2. Invest money in creating a small video production “studio”. A video camera, microphone, a light, video editing software and a subscription to a video hosting service.
3. Create an “editorial” calendar to help you focus on WHAT you will video tape and when.
4. Designate a quite room, with good lighting to do the video shoots.
5. After you shoo, edit and post the video. Get extensive feedback. Then always be open to how you could do the video better.
6. It is VERY important to know WHY you want to do the video, so that you can measure the ROI. Of course the “main” goal might be to boost sales, but the small measures of success leading up to that could be to create content for your web site or blog, that will enable your prospective customers, current customers, the media and others to see your web site as a destination for expertise on a particular issue.
Three more things.
1. Pixability has a nice service wherein you shoot video with a Flip camera (that they send you) and for $500 they send you back an edited video.
2. Turnhere has a service where they produce and entire video for you by hiring experts who come to your business.
3. If you’re in NY and looking for a great video producer, check out Pattie Design