Connecting Local Retailers and Customers ( Landy Ung – Video Interview)

Last week I was walking around New York City’s Soho where all the “quaint” shops are located selling all kinds of neat products. Whether New York City’s Soho area, a mall in Austin or a plaza in Salk Lake City, it is absolutely critical for local retailers to get as close to their customers as they can.
Landy Ung, co-founder of 8coupons shares her insight in the interview below:

Email marketing, web sites, blogs, social media and customer relationship manage solutions are all important for acquiring new customers.
However, local retailers face a very particular challenge.
Landy Ung, co-founder of 8coupons said that for local retailers, such as restaurants, clothing stores and dozens of other local retailers their customers are only coming to them from a short radius. In Manhattan it could be blocks, in a suburban area it could be only a few miles.

8coupons enables customers to find discounts (saving money) and enables retailers to connect with customers who want to buy their products or services.
So, Yelp, Yellow Pages,,“>Google Local…you’ve got your hands full and full of opportunities for local marketing!