Video: Tech Challenges Of A Local Business (email, remote office, IT consultant)

NY Spring Water’s, owner and co-founder Luke Zakka discusses how his business is using technology – what are the challenges and what are the solutions.
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With one office located in Manhattan and the distribution plant located 180 miles away, communication had been a challenge. Thanks to a virtual private network (VPN) they can communicate better.
Their inventory solution works great, thanks to Fishbowl, which seemlessly works with Quickbooks.

They don’t have centralized email, Luke uses his personal Gmail account. Right now, it works just fine, but in the future, they’ll upgrade to centralized email. They do have Outlook and a corporate domain name, but for now they don’t use that internally to communicate, only for outbound corporate client communication.
They also do not have a regular technology consultant. Luke runs the company and is the default tech consultant. Luke wants to manage his business and not focus on technology, so in the future an IT consultant will be hired.
His challenges sound like the challenges of some of you!