Video: Why an IT Consultant Is a MUST for Growing Businesses (NYEW)

Yesterday I spent the entire day at New York Entrepreneur Week (NYEW) produced by Gary Whitehill.
garywhitehill.jpgI interviewed Gary about NYEW and one technology tidbit he shared with me, amongst other topics in our short discussion, was that in order to be successful you cannot try to do everything.
If you want to GROW your business, it’s important that early on you have a team who is smarter and better at doing things than you.
In particular regard to technology it is critical that you not try to be your own IT person, but outsource the IT expertise and implementation to your local IT consultant or others (such as Dell’s Managed Services, CMIT, Greenhouse IT, etc.)
Watch my interview with Gary here: (it’s a bit noisy due to background noise)

Beyond a traditional IT Consultant (to help with computers, networking, security, etc), hire someone who can lead (or assist) your efforts in online marketing, which is CRUCIAL for acquiring new customers and nurturing loyal customers.
(Read about the IT Challenges of a New York spring water bottler here.)
About Gary?
There are a few things that I look for in people to determine how I think of them.
They are a bit of humility and saying “thank you” to their peers/staff/colleagues.
Gary gets an A+ in both. That’s a side issue, but sometimes its good to know the personal side of the entrepreneurs and executives behind the companies we interact with on a daily basis.