Why Twitter Should Not Be Your Priority: Get Rid of the Middleman (NYEW, Shankman)

At yesterday’s New York Entrepreneur Week, (NYEW) Peter Shankman, founder of Help A Reporter Out, gave an insightful (write down notes and implement TODAY) presentation on how he built his current business and how to succeed as an entrepreneur.
One of the things he shared and what I discussed today with Jim Blasingame of The Small Business Advocate Radio Show, is that although Twitter is a great communication tool for finding folks of like mind to communicate with (i.e., social media).

However, DO NOT ignore capturing cell phone numbers of your customers and using a service like EZ Texting to permission market to your customers via SMS directly. EZ Texting won the Fifth Annual Small Business Summit (http://www.smallbiztechsummit.com), HOT TECH DEMO 2010 .
Social media is great, but you also want to ensure you OWN and control the message sent to your customers.