Zappedy – 5 Minute Web Site (via email) for Local Retailers

Local retailers are BUSY and every day, they’re not just fighting the battle of “their customer is only a click away” but they also must consider their local (physical store) competition and of course the day to day management and operation of their local store.
Many of them are online, but some still do not have a web presence. Those who do have a web presence it’s quite a challenge for them to find the time to market their web site properly.
Zappedy has a simple solution (use this invite code: INTRO77)
They build a one page (or multi-page) web site for the local retailer and through the power of group buying and discounts help the local retailer get new customers.
View the interview with Zappedy below:

Francisco Larrain, co-founder of Zappedy said that group deal web pages are fantastic at attracting new customers, but most deal-of-the-day websites (Groupon, Town Hog, Buy with me, etc…) have long merchant wait lists. With them, it’s only one merchant per city per day.
Francisco says that Zappedy takes a a different approach. They build the page with all the group deal technology for merchants and give the merchant a link. Together, Zappedy and the merchant, promote the page and get new customers for the merchant.
The merchant sets two rates for the deal:
1) “Buy with friends” rate (lower)
2) “Buy alone” rate” (higher)
For a customer to receive the merchant’s “Buy with friends” rate, he or she must get a few friends to buy the deal with him. The merchant can set the number of friends that must buy.
Unlike Groupon, there is no global tip point. It’s more personal from the customer’s perspective. Customers who get enough friends to buy through their post-sale share links get the deal, customers who do get enough friends don’t get the deal but have the option of paying the higher “Buy alone” rate. This is more of less how group promotions work in the offline world. Small, social groups that organize themselves prior to purchase get the low rate. We just make this possible online.
Zappedy will help the merchant syndicate the deal on different ad-networks. It could be Google ad words or other SEM and it can be the same merchants email list. They can send an email blast to their own customers.
Francisco said that the cool thing is that if they choose to do a group buying promotion, it will be the merchants customers that are interested in bringing on new customers, thus creating the ultimate word of mouth marketing tool.