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Small Biz Competitions, Contests & Awards

It’s a holiday in the U.S., but there’s still time to enter some great competitions. Note the upcoming deadlines and don’t miss your chance to win some nice services, cash prizes, and of course – recognition! This list of contests, competitions and awards is brought to you every two weeks by Small Business Trends and […]

Why Are Ink Cartridges Very Expensive: HP Explains

Ink is very expensive. Be it ink jet cartridge or toner, they can be $25+ or $75+ respectively. Pretty pricey. Kodak’s been running advertising, specifically challenging expensive ink cartridges in advertisements (running in NY and I assume nationally) and encouraging businesses and consumers to use Kodak printers, as their ink is cheaper than the competition. […]

30 Reasons Why Old Fashioned Websites and Email Marketing Are Best for Growing Businesses

Last evening I was driving through my township and noticed one of the billboards for a new condominium. The sign read, “follow us on Twitter @newnjhousing*. There was a website listed, in very small print. Social media is a very important method of marketing, sales and branding for many businesses. It does work, and is […]

Microsoft Office 2010. It Rocks. Get It…But

Traditional software companies upgrade their software on a very regular basis. Microsoft Office, the most popular software on the planet is no exception. The latest edition, Office 2007 is good – much better than previous versions and introduced us to the a new context sensitive ribbon and many other features. Office 2010 has made dramatic […]

Don’t Let Distracted Driving Kill You: Drive Safe

Driving is a very safe mode of transportation – assuming that you and the other drivers on the road drive safe. The problem is that we are in such a rush to communicate, at every opportunity and second of the day that we often communicate while we’re driving. Driving requires total (or at least 99%) […]

Tech Thursday Round Up – May 27, 2010

B2Bee Simplifies Invoicing and Expense Management for Small Businesses with Web-based Tool Small Business Super Heroes Contest from BatchBlue VerticalResponse User Seminar Scared About Social Media and Online Security Risks? Remember Data USB Drives and Other Places SMBs Looking For Shared and On-Demand Resources, Yet Few Understand The Benefits of Cloud Computing Skype Manager enables […]

After 10 Years: SurveyMonkey Upgrades Its Look

I normally would not post about a “visual upgrade” of a company, but since Survey Monkey is used by so many of us, and they are now competing with companies who they might not have worried about before (like email marketing companies), I thought I’d inform you that Survey Monkey has a fresh new web […]