30 Reasons Why Old Fashioned Websites and Email Marketing Are Best for Growing Businesses

Last evening I was driving through my township and noticed one of the billboards for a new condominium. The sign read, “follow us on Twitter @newnjhousing*. There was a website listed, in very small print.
Social media is a very important method of marketing, sales and branding for many businesses. It does work, and is a communications medium that should not be ignored. However, many businesses are caught up in the euphoria of social media and neglecting two of the most important marketing vehicles of their business: their website and email marketing.
Sure, during the Super Bowl Honda gave it’s Facebook page instead of a traditional website. Yes, we hear many anecdotal stories of businesses using Twitter to drive sales and boost communication for their companies products or services.
However, for most growing businesses who have a limited budget, focusing on a well designed website and email marketing are the essential elements they should focus on, before diving too deep into social media.
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