8 Lessons in Creating Profitable and Viral Business Video. Insight From Blendtec and Shankman

Video is one of the best methods to get your message across and give maximum exposure to your business. Thanks to the evolution of video production technology there’s no excuse for every business NOT to be able to consistently produce quality video.
Blendtec is the company which produces the “Will It Blend” series of videos that showcases blending iPhones, iPads, cameras and many other items destroyed in a Blendtec blender.
Jeff Robe, Director of Marketing at Blendtec conservatively estimates that Blendtec’s videos have been seen at least 300 million times. Jeff and his team definitely know about video creation – well massively VIRAL video creation.
Peter Shankman is an entrepreneur and the founder of Help A Report (HARO), the most popular service linking journalists to sources and sources to journalists. With over 15,000 Facebook fans, over 57,000 followers Peter definitely knows something about generating publicity, which is VERY important in creating viral videos.
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