After 10 Years: SurveyMonkey Upgrades Its Look

survkeymonkey.pngI normally would not post about a “visual upgrade” of a company, but since Survey Monkey is used by so many of us, and they are now competing with companies who they might not have worried about before (like email marketing companies), I thought I’d inform you that Survey Monkey has a fresh new web site and overall branding.
Their short email to me, and I presume all of their customers reads:
After 10 years we felt it was time to freshen things up and create a visual experience that reflects the forward-thinking and innovative survey partner you can count on to gather important insights, and ultimately make better decisions.
The new site does look great.
Lessons learned: The features and capabilities of Survey Monkey remain the same, but the fresh, new look cause current and potential customers to also give it a fresh new look and ideally…boost ales.