Charging For Your Videos On Youtube: Beyond Online Advertising

I spend hundreds of dollars per year downloading movies on I saved quite a bit of money in recent months now that I see how good Hulu is.
As many of you know I also “give back” and post videos to’s Youtube account.
Youtube will be implementing a way for you (actually opening this program to more people instead of the limited group that can do it now) to charge and make money from your videos. This program is still in its infancy and the details are scare, as reported by CNN/Mashable.

What this reinforces is that is that your business has more and more opportunities to be your own multi-media channel. This channel includes the media itself (podcasts, video, blog) and the distribution channel (magazine (check out HP’s Mag Cloud, online, events and more).
Not only can you now create and publish videos to Youtube, you might also be able to create a new revenue stream and sell the videos.
Seth Godin writes about having a media channel strategy in a weekend blog post