Constant Contact More Than Email Marketing. Now Social Media + Email Marketing + much more… (Buys Nutshell Mail)

Today Constant Contact announced their purchase of Nutshell Mail.
I’ve been using Nutshell Mail for several months and it’s one of my favorite tools for managing my social networks.
What Nutshell Mail does is send you all the information about your social networks (new Twitter followers, new Tweets, Facebook updates and so much more) delivered right to your email box.
Furthermore, you can reply to your your social media updates from within your email or via Nutshell Mail’s interface.
Gail Goodman, founder and CEO of Constant Contact said in a Youtube video that the founders of Nutshell mail will build Nutshell mail, now part of Constant Contact, so users can monitor, measure and manage their social networks. Quite, quite powerful.
This is a HUGE step for Constant Contact and further expands its leadership in the small business space – email marketing, surveys, event management, now social networks.