Guy Kawasaki’s 12 Tech Tools to Help You Rule (and be More Productive)

guykawasaki.jpgToday I listened to Guy Kawasaki review 12 really cool tools that busy, business professionals can use to be more productive. Many of these tools I had never heard of.
I was doubly honored to be a part of Guy’s presentation, hosted by Verizon, as Guy’s Bootcamp, done in 2001 (or so) inspired me to want to do the Annual Small Business Summit, in its 6th year in2011. Photos are here.
Here are the first three tools:
1. Jigsaw. Have you ever wanted to get in touch someone and not known her phone or email address? Jigsaw can help you. It contains a database of twenty-one million contracts. Users of the site contribute information from people they meet in exchange for access to the database. If you don’t to contribute information, then you can pay a monthly fee. LinkedIn is useful for making contacts too, but I often use the direct approach.

2. Spokeo. When you’re about to hire someone, wouldn’t it be nice to know a little about the person’s background? How about a new vendor? Spokeo enables you to enter a person’s name or email address, and it searches the social networking sites for them. Then it displays links to their accounts on the sites.
3. Knowem. If you’re using social media to market your business, you should stop by at Knowem at least once. You can enter the user name that you might want to use on social networks, and Knowem will determine their availability on over two hundred at one time. You can even pay Knowem to register your username so that no one else can grab it.
You can read the rest here.