Is There An Ideal Time To Buy A Notebook Computer?

I was in Best Buy yesterday looking for an accessory for my son. While there I went through the store looking at all the cool and new technology. I couldn’t help myself.
In the notebook computer section, there were dozens of computers, from a variety of vendors across a variety of prices, sizes and varying features.
There is NO right time to buy a computer. Some of you, I know, are waiting for a good price or waiting for some new feature to come out. Don’t wait.
If you need a new computer due to your current one running slow, crashing and otherwise ineffective, it’s time to consider buying a new computer.
Having said that, it’s a good idea to have a technology road map so that you are not buying computers with a knee jerk mentality.
First, of course, ensure your computer software is not at fault and see if a reinstall of the software will make things better.
The blend of what’s “consumer” and what’s “business” is blurring quite a bit.
The main differences are warranties (business is often longer and more robust) and durability of materials (at times business products are made with more expensive components and the same components are used in various product lines so enterprises can support them easier).
All of the new HP ProBook b-series feature a spill-resistant keyboard with drains, helping protect sensitive electronics and key components from minor spills. They are also designed to work with the recently introduced HP 90W and HP 120W Advanced Docking Stations.
You’ll find the vendors can do very little to dramatically differentiate their products from each other, but as vendors refresh their product lines, it’s useful to pay attention to see if the new product line has something that could be a useful productivity, safety or feature enhancement for you.
For example, HP released a brand new line of notebook computers: 6 new computers for consumers and 9 for businesses. You can see the full line of business computers here.

HP’s press release says that the HP ProBook s-series features new multimedia controls for video and comes loaded with the new ArcSoft TotalMedia Suite to allow users to play, edit and create video and audio files.
The b-series and s-series notebooks also include several HP Professional Innovations, including preinstalled HP Power Assistant software to allow users to more easily monitor energy usage and Central Management for HP ProtectTools, which offers remote security management, deployment, monitoring and auditing from one central location.
Additionally, HP DayStarter allows users to get a head start on the day’s activities with access to key information such as their calendar and battery status, even before the operating system boots, while HP QuickWeb allows users to access the web in seconds when the notebook is shut down.
Sometimes these new enhancements make using the notebook much better.