Microsoft Office 2010. It Rocks. Get It…But

Traditional software companies upgrade their software on a very regular basis. Microsoft Office, the most popular software on the planet is no exception. The latest edition, Office 2007 is good – much better than previous versions and introduced us to the a new context sensitive ribbon and many other features.
Office 2010 has made dramatic improvements in usability, in particular its menu system. Across its suite of applications it has made major improvements in making your life easier to work with information and data.
Microsoft Excel 2010 is almost “fun” to use and how you can manipulate data and see it in action is pretty neat.
Microsoft Power Point 2010 is much more powerful and easy to use, in fact you can even make minor updates to VIDEO from within Power Point – very, very cool.
Some other major enhancements:

Office Web Apps – access your Office documents from a web browser.
The mobile experience of Office has been limited and lacking. Microsoft has made a very concentrated effort to make the Office 2010 mobile experience from a Windows smart phone quite powerful and productive. Check out more here.
What else do you need to get the most out of Office? EDUCATION.
Check out John Wiley’s huge selection of Microsoft Office 2010 publications.
Get more information on Office 2010 here.