Skip On Tech Upgrades Several Months Ago? Have No Budget Today?

It’s kind of scary. You don’t spend money on needed technology upgrades (maybe a new email server? a new database?) and now when customers are opening up their wallets more you find you don’t have the budget allocated!
Well, ironically technology can help.
Maybe you need to ramp up and serve more customers than you have employees for. Using a service like you can quickly find contractors who have documented experience to fill in the staffing until you can hire employees (if you ever do).
If you find yourself in this predicament don’t despair. This is a PERFECT opportunity for hosted applications, which enable you to have lower cost (or at least a low monthly fee) and fast implementation.
Siamak Farah, CEO of InfoStreet, said that, “Companies know that they have to replenish their on-premise servers and software every so often. In a cost saving effort, some leapfrog one iteration and take a risk awaiting the next unavoidable upgrade due to time and resources. SaaS solutions are the last upgrade they ever need, as they are always up to date and maintained by the SaaS provider. Companies cut down on risk and save money at the same time.”
If your local IT consultant is using words like “server” and “software roll out” you really want to consider switching IT consultants or at least asking them about using a hosted solution.
Lesson learned: If your’ budget is tight consider a fully implemented online solution.
Instead of $100 and $200 IT consultants you can rely on less consultants at possibly less cost to implement your solutions which should give you a HIGHER ROI.