Teaching Mrs. Obama About Twitter: Patience For the Non Techs

obamatweet.jpgOver the weekend CNN White House Correspondent Ed Henry had the chance to help Mrs. Obama send out her first Tweet (on his cell phone).
She had some trouble using his fancy smartphone and didn’t get the “Tweet” vs. “Twitter” wording quite right.
What does this show you?
Mrs. Obama is a smart and accomplished lady. Heck, she has the most exclusive address in the world. However, she has trouble using technology as fluidly as many of us do.
Her challenges are no different than that of many of you, your employees and your colleagues.
Lesson Learned:
For those of us who are quite computer literate, be patient and take the time to show others how to use technology.
Ditto for computer consultants.
For those of you who are not comfortable using technology. Self educate – stop by your local Apple or Best Buy retail store, attend a few events (such as the Taste of Technology Small Business Series) and force yourself to get to know technology a bit better.
PS – I’ve never been able to meet Mrs. Obama, but I was able to interview Mrs. Clinton in 2002!