Tech Round Up – Thursday, May 13, 2010

What’s inside:

  • 8 Lessons in Creating Profitable and Viral Business Video. Insight From Blendtec and Shankman
  • Securing Bank Routing and Account Number Information
  • Free Conference Calling with Virtual PBX
  • Mobile Commerce 101: Are You Ready For Everywhere Transactions?
  • AT&T Web Hosting to Offer Small Businesses New Solutions to Maximize Potential for their Websites
  • Free Fax and Online Documents in May
  • Free eBook on Data Protection from Iomega
  • Small Biz Events and Conferences
  • Windows 7 Annoyances – New Book from O’Reilly

8 Lessons in Creating Profitable and Viral Business Video. Insight From Blendtec and Shankman
blendtec.jpgVideo is one of the best methods to get your message across and give maximum exposure to your business. Thanks to the evolution of video production technology there’s no excuse for every business NOT to be able to consistently produce quality video.
Read the full article Ramon wrote on OPEN Forum here.

Securing Bank Routing and Account Number Information
ProPay.gifProPay(, an industry leader in End-to-End Payment Security, credit card processing, and electronic payment services, announced today that it has added encryption and tokenization of Automated Clearing House (ACH) data (bank routing and account numbers) to its suite of ProtectPay services. The addition of this functionality illustrates ProPay’s proactive approach to helping organizations protect sensitive data.
According to the FDIC, in the third quarter of 2009, bank fraud involving electronic funds transfers rose to over $120 million.
Like other ProtectPay services, ProPay’s ACH encryption and tokenization solution removes the need for organizations to store, transmit, or process sensitive ACH payment data on initial and subsequent transactions. After ProPay captures, encrypts, and processes the ACH data, the data is replaced with a token which organizations can use for future transactions against the data.
Free Conference Calling with Virtual PBX
virtualpbx_logo.gifVirtual PBX®, the inventor and leading supplier of hosted PBX services, today announced the inclusion of free conferencing in all its service plans. Virtual PBX’s conferencing service allows audio conferences to be started at any time, and both users and system administrators can monitor conference activity in real time. The new free service has already been rolled out to all clients and is instantly included for all new accounts.
“We’re pleased to offer our customers this feature at no cost,” said Greg Brashier, COO of Virtual PBX. “In today’s economy, free services can be a big help and, together with the low cost of our service plans, all our clients get a lot of PBX power for a very low price.”
Mobile Commerce 101: Are You Ready For Everywhere Transactions?
parking-meter.jpgMobile payments are not as big an opportunity as traditional online payments or retail stores.
However, every business should inventory their customers, sales transactions and business opportunities and determine if mobile payment acceptance is something they should or will need to offer customers.
There are many solutions to choose from, including many hardware options – from small appliances to swipe credit cards, connected to smartphones, to browser only solutions wherein you input payment information directly to a credit card. Other solutions include customers sending payments from their phones to other users, registered in the same mobile payment system. Read the rest of the article on
AT&T Web Hosting to Offer Small Businesses New Solutions to Maximize Potential for their Websites
logo_att.jpgWith more and more consumers using the Internet to research, purchase and service products, it’s vital for businesses – especially small businesses – to have a strong web presence. Many had cutting-edge websites a few years ago, but websites can get stale and outdated quickly. The good news for small business is that redesigning or creating a robust website just got quicker and simpler, thanks to two new web hosting and design plans announced today by AT&T*.
The new “Get Me Started” and “Build It For Me” plans are designed to help small businesses with what they need in their website building efforts. Many times, it’s the initial steps of web development that are the largest obstacle for small business owners. Starting at $42.50 a month, the “Get Me Started” plan allows the customer to get a professionally designed website up and running quickly while still allowing them the ultimate control over their content through an easy to use Do-It-Yourself design tool. This solution offers customers both a three- and five-page option for their initial site. Once management of the site is turned over, small business owners will have access to online video tutorials on how they can implement more updates on their own.
The “Build It For Me” plan starts at $95 per month and allows customers to let AT&T design experts build, host and design their website with five-, 10- and 15-page options. With Enhanced Web Hosting, users can further explore maximizing search engine rankings and using the latest internet marketing tools.
Both the “Get Me Started” and “Build It For Me” plans include 30 minutes of our expert design assistance each month.
Free Fax and Online Documents in May
intuit.JPGDuring the month of May, QuickBooks customers can try MyFax risk free by visiting Additionally, as part of the Get Organized campaign, OfficeDrop offers a three-month free trial of its online document management service and Expensify offers a paperless expense reporting service. As an added bonus, each use of any of these three services in May includes an automatic submission to win a Kindle. For complete terms and conditions, visit
Free eBook on Data Protection from Iomega
Download this FREE eBook today!
iomega_logo.jpgStorage, protection, and continuous access to data – it’s no longer just for big businesses! Learn efficient, economical ways to address typical small business storage issues without busting the small business budget with this FREE eBook… Network Storage from A to Z: data storage solutions for the small- to medium-sized business.
In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How to Meet Exploding Storage Requirements
  • How to Protect Mission-Critical Data
  • How to Reduce or Eliminate Downtime
  • How to Fulfill Stringent Audit and Regulatory Requirements
  • How to Use Storage Effectively in a Virtual Infrastructure

Small Biz Events and Conferences
Check out some great upcoming small business events and webinars in our latest listing on
Windows 7 Annoyances – New Book from O’Reilly
Tools and Techniques to Improve Your Windows 7 Experience
windows7annoyances.gifWindows 7 may be faster and more stable than Vista, but it’s a far cry from problem-free. David A. Karp comes to the rescue with the latest in his popular Windows Annoyances series. This thorough guide gives you the tools you need to fix the troublesome parts of this operating system, plus the solutions, hacks, and time saving tips to make the most of your PC.

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