There Is No Need to Manually Do Back Office Tasks…Bills for Example

bill-past-due.jpgI was reading a recent press release that has joined thousands of companies providing their services through Google’s online marketplace. This announcement is simply one of many that have been and will be made this year, regarding Google marketplace.
However, what it constantly reminds me is that more and more companies are not only providing services online but integrating them into “online platforms” such as Google Apps, Intuit’s QuickBooks, ZOHO, NetSuite, and
If you are manually toiling over Excel, you are simply wasting your time.
Excel is great for number crunching (in fact Excel 2010 is simply awesome).
But if you are using it as a database or financial management tool for paying bills or invoicing customers, it’s time to let dedicated billing and/or invoicing tools (online) do these functions for you, automatically.
The press release reads Since 2006, has been leading the way in helping SMBs save time and money by managing their bills and payments online, automating workflow and eliminating manual paper-based processes. Customers typically report over 50% savings in the time and cost of managing accounts payable through better multi-user collaboration, integration with their accounting and banking systems, and more efficient access to the information they need every step of the way.