Tired Of Printing Stuff You Don’t Want To Print. Want to Reduce Printing Costs? Try GreenPrint.

GreenPrint is one of these little tools that you wonder why you have not been using them all your “computer” life.
For example, today I was printing a presentation for a webinar I did with BrighTalk, “Securing Mobile Works In An Insecure World”
Before I printed my presentation (using an HP wireless multi-function printer) I spent several careful minutes ensuring I printed in black ink only and using outline mode as opposed to a full Power Point.
Why? I only needed the print to refer to as I gave the presentation and why use money (ink cartridges are expensive) on something that would be thrown away in 2 hours?
green-print.gifFor moments like these, GreenPrint is a tool you and everyone in your company should have on their computers. It lets you print pages, just like you want and save money on paper and ink supplies.
GreenPrint lets you easily bring in black and white, print with no images, delete certain pages, while keeping others and so much more.
From free (with “tasteful” advertising) to $30 (for home users) and up – it’s worth it.