Using Dual Monitors. More Than A “Cool” Factor. It’s Productivity Too.

This evening my son helped me open up Lenovo’s AMD-powered ThinkCentre A63. It’s a simple black machine that fits comfortably under a desk. It’s a full size desktop computer that ironically is quieter than my notebook and another desktop computer.
I’ve used a lot of gadgets and gizmos in my many years of using computers, but this is the first time, I’ve had two monitors on my desk.
As part of this test, Lenovo provided two 20″ monitors. Why two? Well, the A63 supports dual monitor usage.
What’s nice about dual monitor usage is that you have a LOT more desk real estate and can start an action on one monitor, and observe it (like downloading files, or a video conference) and with the other monitor type and get work done.
Depending on your creativity, you might find it useful to have one computer and several monitors (the A63 can support up to four) and use them to display useful customer information in your lobby.

One thought on “Using Dual Monitors. More Than A “Cool” Factor. It’s Productivity Too.

  1. runfromthebear

    You’re going to love having two monitors. The down-side is that you’ll never be happy using a normal computer ever again.
    I’m up to four monitors now. Everyone that sees my desk thinks it’s ridiculous, but once you get used to it, each additional monitor really boosts productivity. I normally have gmail and pandora open in one, a code editor open in the next, then my main web browser, and then a real-time website analytics window.

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