Your Business, Facebook and Privacy: It’s Real Simple

Facebook is a tool loved by all of us (well most of us). We can keep in touch with friends and family. We can keep in touch with associates, colleagues, partners and clients.
Facebook, if you didn’t know is a “social media” site (it’s free by the way) that enables you to share all sorts of things with your “friends” and with your “friends friends”
Some privacy advocates feel that Facebook makes it to difficult to “not share” your personal information with marketers (and others) and the foundation of their argument is that instead of automatically enabling as much of your personal information as possible to be shared with marketers, apps and others, Facebook should restrict as much of this information as possible and let you “opt-in” to share your information with others.
I can understand this argument, but I feel that overall, the privacy advocates are taking things way too far. I’ll leave it at that, for now.
Facebook and other social media are offering a free service (for the most part), you don’t have to use it. They provide a LOT and are going to get “paid” by selling your data to marketers.
However, how does all of this rhetoric affect your business?
It doesn’t.

Just keep these things in mind and you’ll be just fine:
a) Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are powerful and awesome platforms enabling you to easily share information with your clients, customers. To create a TRIBE (online) as Seth Godin talks about. Leverage them and maximize them in your business.
b) These social networks can never replace the basics of email marketing and web sites as I wrote on OPEN Forum today.
c) For your personal social media profiles, assume you have no privacy. Don’t post your or your friends in appropriate photos. Period.