3 Online Marketing Management Services: Arkayne, Hubspot, Kutenda

Hubspot recently spoke at my last Taste of Technology Series event. Kutenda was at the Fifth Annual Small Business Summit and spoke at 12HoursOfTech. Today I got an email about a service Arkayne.
It got me thinking to put them together in some way and let you know about them.
Arkayne is the lowest cost of the three, yet also provides the least comprehensive feature set. Having said that, if you have a small budget, but still want to get some analysis of your search engine optimization or assistance with knowing how to bring more visibility to your content you’ll want to try it out.
Founded in 2006, Hubspot is the leading online marketing software and has thousands of users. Kutenda was founded in 2009 and from what I’ve seen offers a very compelling service for growing businesses.
If you’re looking for ONE way to manage your website(s) and social media these tools can help you. No need to login and out of Google Analytics, Word Press and 6 other online content management tools.

Arkayne – http://www.arkayne.com
From $10 a month and up

  • Distrubte RSS feeds with content tags from your site at the bottom of the feeds
  • Measure traffic, identify top performing articles
  • Manage 3rd party affiliate programs
  • Social media integration and more, including analyzing search engine optimization

Kutenda – http://kutenda.com – costs from $100 – $500 a month.
If offers quite a bit more than Arkayne and helps you manage your web site and turn it into a lead capturing power house
Its features include:
Landing page building – landing pages are important to ensure that when customers visit your web site from a paid search link they go right to where they expect to go. For example, if you have a banner advertisement that reads “boys shoes on sale” and they go to the main page of your shoe web site, and have to find the boy’s shoes on sale, you’ll most likely lose the sale. However, a landing page is setup so they can go directly to the page that is selling boys shoes and the page might even greet them!
Search Engine Optimization – Optimizing your search results to be ranked as high as possible in the search engines is important. The person on page 2 of the search engine results is not going to be seen or get nearly as much traffic as the person on the first page or the person on the top listing.
Pay Per Click search can be a royal pain. Being able to have one place to manage your campaigns is useful. Of course if all you use is Google, then you have one place for managing PPC campaigners. But if you are using Bing, Ask or others – one dashboard is a big time saver and helps you more easily compare how the various campaigns are doing.
Form building is easy for a programmer but for the rest of us, it can be a challenge. Imagine creating many forms. If you want to capture leads on different pages, you need a variety of forms for different lead generation purposes.
Local search is where local businesses can really get results. It’s a science and a bit of an art. Although these services help you with local search there are also very specific companies who specialize in local search, such as ReachLocal and OrangeSoda
Email marketing is more than just sending an email blast to clients. It’s about nurturing your customers through email marketing. There are many companies who specialize in email marketing, such as Constant Contact, Campaigner, MailChimp, Vertical Response, iContact and Emma. But if you want ONE place to do a lot of online marketing management, you should consider services like Kutenda and Hubspot.
hubspot.jpgHubspot – http://www.hubspot.com – is the grand daddy of online marketing tools and its whole mission is “in-bound” marketing, helping you get leads to your web site. It competes directly with Kutenda. It costs from $250 a month – $15,000 a year
Its features are extensive and grouped into three areas:
Getting found – this encompasses tools for blogging, grading your keywords, managing the content on your web site and more.
Conversion – which includes creating landing pages, knowing when a good prospect is on your web site and more. This aspect of gaining INTELLIGENCE from your online customers (or prospective customers is powerful). I think Demandbase provides this type of analytics to know who is on your web site, beyond traditional Google analytics.
Analyze – a bevy of tools to help you analyze your traffic and turn it into profitable sales leads.
Other companies you might want to look at include:
http://www.genius.com/ – a very powerful engine for lead generation and nurturing
Infusionsoft – is all about email marketing 2.0 which means you can automate your marketing.
The only way to truly know how these (and other) systems work is to ask your peers and most importantly – try them out for yourself.

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