AT&T Changes Data Plans: Rip Off or Better For You?

AT&T, as you’ve probably read by now, is changing its data plan for new customers and will no longer offer unlimited data plans. Most of us think this is not good for customers.
However, very respected journalist and tech writer of the NY Times David Pogue thinks that the customer will come out ahead and in fact benefit.
He writes: How anti-consumer, right? Surely this is yet another way to exploit the masses and stifle innovation!
Look, you know me. I’m the first guy to lead the charge against cell-carrier greed.
But this is different. This time, I think you’ll wind up coming out ahead. I think AT&T has put together one of the fairest, most carefully considered plans in a long time.
First of all, if you’re an existing AT&T customer, the new plans are optional. You can hang onto your $30 unlimited plan if you like. Yes, even if you get a new phone.
If you’re a new customer, or an existing one who wants to save some money, here’s the deal. There are two new capped Internet-service plans:

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