Create Educational Courses Online: For Non-Techies

If you’ve taken any online courses you know how it’s nice to logon and learn something. Guess what, you might want to consider CREATING these types of online courses for your employees or others who need training in something.
Maybe there’s a process or orientation that you keep repeating, why not put this online and let those who need to know the information, access it at their convenience?
There’s many tools to help you do this, one is Mindflash, whose new CEO was formerly CMO of, recently bought by Intuit.
Mindflash has an easy to use tool to help you do just that. You can create the online tutorial and track the results of how the attendees are progressing with their training.
Their press release reads solves a common problem facing small businesses: how to quickly communicate critical information to geographically-dispersed employees such as salespeople, marketing staff and customer service representatives, and ensure that the content has been read and understood. Unlike complex and expensive learning management systems, allows non-technical users to upload and share training documents or videos quickly and securely on the Web. They can even include quizzes to test employees’ comprehension of the content.

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  1. dwells94028

    Thanks for letting folks know about our online training management software, now in private beta. You’ve hit on one of the biggest benefits of our software: saving trainers (pro or amateur) a lot of time by converting existing content into web-based courses in minutes. Our beta users are also telling us that they love having the feedback on trainee comprehension that our easy quizzing tools provide them. And that they are saving hours a month by using Mindflash’s automated tracking and reporting tools to quickly see who has/has not taken and passed each course. Beta invites are available to SmallBizTechnology readers at: We look forward to their feedback!
    Donna Wells, CEO,

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