Employee Management: Is It A Painful Necessity? Let Tech Help.

Over and over again I meet business owners who are not leveraging technology as a powerful tool, nor as an asset to grow their businesses.
In some areas of their business they are leveraging technology, such as finance (many are using a product from Intuit, Sage, NetSuite, SAP or some other company to manage their business operations).
However, there’s always a few areas where the business is lacking and the person managing that areas is struggling to get things done.
For businesses which are G R O W I N G and hiring employees they have the challenge of finding employees (word of mouth, placing online job classifieds, job fairs, etc), going through the inbound resumes and cover letters, interviewing them and then managing their career with the company. That’s a lot of work.
A spokes person for Taleo, makers of a talent management services portal said that business who are not using technology to help manage their employees are using manual and paper-based recruiting and managing processes with little structure and reporting.

Taleo said that the processes includes collecting resumes from various sources (mail, e-mail), manually entering information into databases and filing them away. Once a candidate is hired, review processes are usually handled in word documents that don’t offer the level of insight offered through technology, such as Taleo Business Edition . This insight includes information that can help SMBs better recruit, retain and manage their top talent.
What does this really mean?
If you are not using technology to manage your employee’s you’re wasting time and losing hours of productivity.
Maybe you are using technology but it’s not in one integrated system. It’s better than not using any technology but you are not experience all of the benefits of technology by not using an integrated solution to have all employee management information in one place – or at least in as few places as possible.
Is your company growing? Are you overwhelmed with management the growth? Let technology help you.
Other employee management solutions include Success Factors and see intuit’s growing employee management solutions here