Every Printer With An Email Address. Every Online Application Will Print Easier.

Today, on the occasion of the first day of Internet Week NY HP launched a new world of printing, enabling Internet connected devices, beyond computers to print, like never before. This is NOT hyperbole.
HP has announced that coming in the Fall, all printers above $99 will come with their own unique email address. What does this mean?
From your iPad, HTC EVO Sprint G4, Black Berry or any other device that can send an email, you can print.
This is revolutionary and yet simple. Normally to print from a mobile device you have to have a wired print driver at the very least. At the most, you had to email the document to a device that could print, such as your printer.
HP’s press release reads Every HP ePrint printer will have a unique simple email address that allows the sender to deliver a print the same way they would send an email message. Customers also can send documents to print through an HP ePrint mobile app on their smartphone device to a home, office or public print location such as a hotel or FedEx Office store. Customers will be able to send Microsoft® Office documents, Adobe PDFs and JPEG image files, among others

With this new announcement, drivers are a thing of the past.
Read more about what HP is doing here.
What does this mean for your business?
If you are keeping your head buried in the proverbial sand and NOT seeking ways in how to use technology as a tool to grow your business you will not be aware, or be inclined to use, new technology. Guess what, your competitors ARE seeking new ways to squeeze every bit of profit, productivity and time out of their technology.
You must be willing to invest the TIME and MONEY to leverage technology.
During the briefing today Vyomesh Joshi, executive vice president, Imaging and Printing Group, said that there is a content explosion where content is moving from analog to digital. Think about how only a few years ago, families and businesses had analog cameras. Now just about everyone has digital cameras.
We all walk away with web connected devices. But guess what, we still want to PRINT. Whether it’s a map from Google or a photo or a schedule – we want to print!!
When you buy your next printer, don’t pay so much attention to how fast it prints, think about if it’s intelligent and able to connect to the web.