Faster Web Sites Equal Happier Customers (and More Sales)

I’ve just had Verizon FIOS installed by technician Justin. The entire experience was simply awesome and the speed is deliriously amazing. Really. When I visit web sites, especially those with intensive video such as the video downloads so much faster. Incredible.
But what about YOUR web site? Is it slow? Too slow? A fast loading web sites makes customers happy and can boost sales.
Information Week writes Research shows that consumers are getting more and more impatient when it comes to waiting for Web pages to load. These six tips can help SMB unclog their websites and keep their customers “in the store.”
Every business needs a Web presence these days — and most have one. But it’s no longer enough to just be on the Web; your business is competing for eyeballs just as much as it’s competing for customers. And these days, if you want to avoid driving visitors away in frustration, you need to make sure they get what they need quickly.
In 2008, the Aberdeen Group published research (PDF) indicating that just a one-second — one second! — delay in Web application response times can result in an 11% reduction in page views and a 16% reduction in customer satisfaction. Last September, Akamai Technologies released results of a Forrester study showing that 40% of online shoppers will give a Web page only three seconds to load before moving on. And this spring, Google started including page load speed in its pagerank algorithm, meaning that a slow site can not only discourage visitors, it can reduce the chance that they’ll even find your site in the first place.

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