If You’re Not Measuring Social Media You’re Wasting Your Time (eg Dlvr.it)

I’ve been using Dlvr.it for the past several days to deliver insight hosted on my web site to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (I interviewed the founder here.).
One thing I’ve learned, Twitter, by far has generated many more clicks than LinkedIn and Facebook. One reason for this could be that with Twitter only a headline and link are available, with Faceobook and LInkedIn, you can read more.
Dlvr.it and other tools, such as Tap11 enable you to not simply post to social media sites, but to MEASURE what works and what does not work. This is much easier to do than ever before. With today’s tools you can more easily and nearly instantaneously measure which posts work, what gets the most clicks and which networks drive the most traffic.

At a webinar we did recently with Campaigner about the need to test email marketing (which subject line works best, which design generates more clicks, etc) to get better results.
Social media is no different. It’s time to stop posting for the sake of posting and for business “hipness”. Instead you need to start measuring the results of your social media. Start out small, all the data can overwhelm you, but do measure. You’ll find out, within a few days what posts your audience wants to read, so you know what to post more about.
PS – Don’t forget to measure your web traffic as well.