Improving The Retail Shopping Experience: Ebusiness to Me-biz to We-biz

I’m at the World Innovation Forum listening to Andreas Weigend, former chief scientist speak about “data” and how to use it. Quite inspiring.
One of his concluding remarks is about turning from e-business to me-business to we-business.
If you are selling online and want to increase your sales and want to really and truly build a tribe of customers who are engaged and want to buy from you, you must transform your business, following’s lead, to enable customers to communicate with each other about your products and services. has succeeded because it’s evolved, on many dimensions, by enabling customers to buy based on what others have purchased but also to communicate to each other and share wish lists and more.
An easy way to do this, at the start is to enable – actual embed – social media network capabilities into your retail store.
For example, TurnTo Networks, announced in a press release that they have introduced the TurnTo Social Commerce Suite, providing online sellers with next-generation social shopping tools that leverage social networks and customer transaction data to drive sales while protecting shopper privacy.

The press release reads Based on input from shoppers and merchants gathered during its successful year-long beta phase with more than 35 innovative online stores, the Social Commerce Suite was built from the ground up specifically to meet the needs of online retailers. The applications provide data control, privacy, and bottom-line results that go beyond generic social plug-ins. The TurnTo Social Commerce Suite also taps into real-world relationships to build direct connections between shoppers – social commerce 2.0 functions that represent the next step after first-generation social tools like customer reviews.
As you look to move from just “selling stuff”, to enabling customers to communicate with each other, it is critical that the tools you build your retail site on, are leveraged to maximize social media – so you can engage in “we-business”.
You can keep selling widgets to customers, or you can build an ecosystem and communicate of loyal fans who LOVE your company. Upgrade your retail platform.