Instead of Marketing By KeyWords Market By Business Profile

Online marketing through traditional Google (and other) cost per click marketing has been great for businesses. Enabling the smallest business to reach an online audience for as little as $25 for the first clicks. However, figuring out which keywords you want to advertise to can be daunting.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could say I want to reach females, in companies with employee size from 50 – 150 and are located in the north west.
Bizo recently launched the world’s largest online B2B audience targeting platform and advertising network, today announced the launch of Bizo BizAds. Available in beta, the self-service online advertising platform lets B2B marketers – regardless of their size or budget – easily and cost-effectively reach more than 60 million targeted business people across the Web. By allowing marketers to see the “bizographic” data, or business demographics, of site visitors, BizAds ensures marketers can get their advertisements in front of exactly the right business audience every time.
Guess what, you can do this type of marketing on several dimensions.

Think about your customers. Instead of continuing to send all of them the same information each week, why not profile your customers and get to really know who they are. Then send them emails specifically targeted to what they want.
Instead of making products and hoping customers buy them, you’ll know your customers and create products that you know your customers will want. Seth Godin spoke about this today at the World Innovation Forum in NY.
Jigsaw, recently purchased by probably has the most accurate database of business professionals. Instead of targeting with a shot gun, why not target more surgically with a “sniper rifle” and reach the specific customer you want.