It’s Time To Integrate Social Media and Email Marketing

Social Media is a great way to increase traffic to your web site. Of course beyond increasing traffic the ideas is to increase profit or revenue in one way or the other. However, email market is also a very, VERY important way to do so as well. We’ve been learning quite a bit about this from Wendy Lowe and Melanie Attia of email marketing company Campaigner in our webinars.
However, as I look at how businesses, especially smaller businesses are using social media and email marketing, these are separate and not integrated functions. Thanks to tools like TweetDeck and (also check out Guy Kawasaki’s tools) many social media posts are integrated using one platform.
Unfortunately email marketing has not seamlessly connected to social media. When you send an email newsletter, there’s no automated way to integrate that email newsletter to your social media networks.
As you consider doing MORE to market online, it is absolutely critical that you strategically consider how you can integrate all of your online marketing components – email, social media and blogs.
Check out Jennifer Shaheen’s comments on social media here.

One way, as many of you are already doing is to ensure that you point to your social media networks within your email newsletter.
Another way is to ensure that you point to your email newsletter sign up page in your social media posts.
Social media will never replace email marketing but you must combine the two, in some ways at least, to maximize the value of these powerful mediums.
Constant Contact recently bought social media company NutShell and I expect that other email marketing companies, such as Vertical Response and Campaigner will do more (such as adding more services through acquisition and internally developed) to help their customers do more with social media.

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  1. johnmjoyce

    Hi Ramon,
    Another good example of consolidation in this area is Exact Target acquiring CoTweet. I’m a CoTweet user but haven’t really seen any formal integration at this point.
    – John

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