Let Your IT Guy Audit and Boost Your Business Productivity: Example LogMeIn and iPad

Ok, so Apple does not allow Adobe Flash to be played on the iPad or other products. But guess what, using remote access product LogMeIn you can access your desktop computer remotely, just as if you were really at it and use Flash. Why use Flash? Well – Youtube.com and hundreds of other web sites use Flash to display videos and other online imagery.
Business Week writes : When you run Ignition on the iPad, you’re taken to a list of every machine you’ve enrolled. (Computers that are online appear in bold, those that are offline are grayed out.) Choose one, and within moments you’re looking at the desktop of your computer, right on the iPad. All your open windows, programs, and files are displayed precisely as they would appear if you were sitting at your desk.
At this point, you can accomplish a lot. Using my Windows PC, I updated my bank accounts with Quicken (INTU) and used the iPad’s virtual keyboard to add a few thoughts to a memo I was writing in Microsoft Word (MSFT). On my iMac, I bought a song from iTunes, added a few entries to my Things to-do list, and browsed Safari to view some sites in all their Flash-enabled glory—something that Apple CEO Jobs won’t allow in Safari’s iPad/iPhone version.

This is why I say, every business owner should LOVE their IT Guy (or gal).
At the end of the day, the “IT Guy” is the one who knows all the neat solutions to not just solve annoying computer problems but to also boost your productivity and make your computing experience more comfortable.

In my own experience, my productivity is so much better trying out Lenovo’s dual screen A63 ThinkCentre desktop. I was able to monitor a chat session with Intuit’s technical support while working. Normally I’d have to switch between several windows!
I’ve written quite a bit about my personal WiFi hot spot.
Another thing – I use remote access, in my home office. I access a Lenovo desktop from a Dell Latitude. Why? I don’t have to have one set of files open on one computer and another set of files on another computer. I’m using “ONE computer” through remote access. It’s much more productive.
These kind of things are easy for me to do, because I’m a techie. However, you’re probably not. Solution? Ask your IT Guy how you can be more productive. If they can’t help you. I really mean this – fire them.