LinkedIn: What Facebook For Professionals Should Look Like

I know this sounds weird. There’s Facebook, there’s Twitter and there is LinkedIn. Three separate social media tools. However, at last week’s “The Lies of Twitter and Facebook Event” the panelists (Laura Thomson, Dell; Brent Leary, CRM Solutions and Danny Zarrella, Hubspot) were discussing the various social media platforms.
One of the comments was that LinkedIn is one of the best tools for conducting business online – beyond just “finding a job”

With LinkedIn’s new changes to their group features
, LinkedIn’s already powerful groups are even more powerful. I’m a part of several information rich groups, one is HP’s Small Biz Nation. Compared to Facebook, LinkedIn’s discussions are 100% focused on one thing – discussing serious business challenges.
LInkedIn’s changes include:

  • An improved look and feel
  • Ease of use
  • Surfacing the most popular and recent discussions in a group – faster
  • Making it easier for you to receive email updates from select group members
  • Shining a spotlight on users who add most value to the group each week

Check out this video:

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