Pearls Of Wisdom: World Innovation Forum (WIF) Summary – June 8 – AM

There was a lot of insight in the morning presentations at today’s World Innovation Forum. I’ve been a part of the ‘bloggers hub” and I’m covering the event from the angle of growing businesses, and of course technology.
Pitney Bowes has provided a great space for bloggers to work from.
Here’s four key points:
1. Use technology to help you prioritize what you need to know. You don’t have to remember everything, nor do you have to work from gut instinct.
Use technology, whether its metrics for web sites or social media, or business intelligence / analytics (see our friends at myDials, Infinity Info Systems, Net@Work) to help you prioritize what is important that day, month or year and intelligently and strategically act on it is so important.
If you are just operating from your gut instinct and not letting DATA guide your actions you’re setting your company up for failure.

2. Create a web of communication. Enable a mechanism of shared communication so those who need to know the information can get it.
For example, Minute Clinic, shared former CEO Michael Howe, installed white boards in each office of Minute Clinic (sold to CVS). This was a part of establishing an ecosystem of communication by all.
3. Get the CEO to the people. Michael Howe installed a “Talk to Michael” forum, enabling everyone in the company to directly reach out to him. Each week he received 100 emails with ideas and issues for him to consider. For example, if there was a problem with technology, often times he would know about the problem before the IT department did.
4. Finally, Michael Porter expressed that “technology” is often not the problem with businesses is not establishing a strategic plan of action for using the technology (and or other areas of the business).
He defines strategy as creating a unique value proposition to serve a unique set of customers that distinguishes you from your competition.