Power Tools: The Difference Between Productivity and Wasting Time

The tools you use in your day to day work greatly affect how productive you are. For a company of 5 or a company of 50 having each employee as productive as possible means your entire company is productive.
Although the “PC” as we know it is losing it’s relevance, and giving way to a computer and a browser only, there are still little tools you can use to boost productivity – whether you are online or not.
Some of my favorite tools include:
Copy2Contacdt which is a neat little tool that lets you copy contacts right into Outlook and other applications, no manual, field by field, copying and pasting. I wish they had a version to copy contacts into Google Apps.
Texter is another very powerful tool that lets you type a few characters and expand it into a full word, sentence or whatever you want. You can type “RAM” and have that expand into “Ramon Ray” saving you HOURS of typing per week.
Of course there’s lots of “add-on” tools that make the core applications we use work better. Such as TweetDeck for Twitter, tools for QuickBooks and so many other applications.
If you work with documents made from a variety of programs, such as Power Point, Excel, PDFs and other file formats, you might wish you could integrate them into one document. gDoc Fusion might be what you need. It provides web and knowledge workers who want to quickly and easily improve their productivity authoring documents with the ability to:

  • Merge and view in one viewing frame over 200 multiple file formats (including Excel, word and Powerpoint) with one simple and quick, drag and drop function
  • Repurpose documents for sharing, posting on the web or printing all in one program
  • Edit, comment and review documents quickly and easily
  • Save finished documents in multiple formats

Software vendor Global Graphics, maker of the software has this information:
Knowledge workers spend roughly 33% of their time authoring documents – writing, creating illustrations and putting together presentations. A time cost to their organization of $19,953 per worker per year assuming the average knowledge worker makes $60,000 a year, according to IDC
53 percent of 1000 US workers questioned blamed 100 minutes a week of lost productivity on navigating and trying to use difficult software programs.
So – what tool are YOU GOING TO USE to boost your productivity?