Skip The USB Modem. Get A MiFi – Mobile Hotspot

Sprint recently announced the launch of their 3G/45 USB modem – . I’ve been using Verizon Wireless PC Card based wireless broadband modem for a few years and love it.
However, I’ve also been using Verizon Wireless’ (and Sprint also has) mobile hot spot, called MiFi and it works quite well. In fact, it’s nice to not have an attachment and just use WiFi with my computer with nothing sticking out of my computer.
According to Sprint’s press release, their 3G/4G USB 250U mobile broadband modem from Sierra Wireless, has fast speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G1 in any of the 33 Sprint 4G markets and 3G speeds virtually everywhere else.
I’ve been using both broadband modems and mobile hotspots – definitely the hotspots are better.
Another reason I like them better is because if needed I can share the WiFi connection with other devices, including sharing it with others on my team.