Technology for Event Organizers: Do More with Less

In producing the Annual Small Business Summit, Taste of Technology Series, 12HoursOfTech and the Technology and Your Business Tour, we use a lot of technology.
At times we just use Excel as it’s so easy to make quick lists. For example, a nice list of speakers. However, we’ve learned that to be productive we need to have the list online so all on our team can easily share it. In this case Google Apps comes into play.
Of course when sharing files, we used to email files back and forth but we’ve gotten a lot smarter and realize that it’s better to use DropBox, Dropio or some other file sharing tool.
Our most critical tool is Eventbrite which we use for event registration.
There are a lot more tools on the market and BizBash has a nice list of tools:

The article covers Twitter:
“One of the best uses of Twitter is for meetings and events,” says Jessica Levin, a technology enthusiast and New Jersey-based event marketer at Seven Degrees Communications. “It’s the quickest and easiest way for people to connect, promote, share content, and provide commentary on the event itself.”
Google Wave:
“If meeting planners are to truly adopt technology and digitize their business, they must stop using email as their communication form for planning meetings,” says Washington-based event and technology consultant Corbin Ball. “You never know if you’ve got the current version of a document. That leads to real problems, and Google Wave provides an opportunity for changing that paradigm.”
It covers lots more. Read the full list here.