Video: Divine Catering’s Founder On Business Growth and Online Marketing

There are some businesses where you just can’t share customer stories and where word of mouth is the best form of marketing.
George Amorim of Divine Catering has this kind of business. On the occasion of Intuit’s 2010 Town Hall in New York City, George shared his experience as a catering service provider.
The Divine Catering Company aims at quality catering services for private house and corporate parties. But they go one step ahead and provide in-flight food & beverage services for private jets as well.
Running a social orientated company like this is very demanding. Quality control customer service must be perfect, 99% does not count.
His strategy to differentiate as a company is via their web site, and he is trying to invest money in marketing surveys.
Mr. Amorim does not use blogs yet, but he wishes they’d used one from the beginning. After creating the company web site, he’s starting to understand the importance of a good on-line strategy.
His approach is based in word-to-mouth advertisement, because of security reasons.
He hasn’t used twitter yet but he has created a Facebook profile. In his opinion Facebook is like a second job. With the right timing and luck, it really can change your business forever, he says.