Video: How The Founder of Dead Apple Tours Markets His Business. Plus His Lessons In Online Marketing

On the occasion of Intuit’s 2010 New York Town Hall, we spoke with Drew Raphael, founder of Dead Apple Tours about his company’s growth and online marketing.
Dead Apple Tours organizes tours to the sites where famous New Yorker’s have died or where New York City deaths have taken place.
His strategy for generating business is both traditional and innovating. At one hand he uses outdoor publicity via flyers, stickers, posters, mainly in the tourist areas.
On the social media side, he targets the theme-oriented blogs like those of travel writers.
Mr. Raphael believes that being discussed in the blogosphere is better than any advertising he knows and it presents a very good opportunity to attract new clients.
In his opinion Twitter is a great medium to create a tone and an identity to the company’s brand. Facebook is the true viral marketing, he says. If the company has a fan page there, it could communicate with the help of invites and messages starting with its friends, who are spreading the news to their friends etc. In this way one can multiply exponentially to one’s market place.
Mr. Raphael is not particularly a fan of the e-mail newsletters. It is because people are already overwhelmed with messages and spam letters through their e-mail, that they don’t give them a try. They are much less attractive than Facebook as a whole.
Mr. Raphael’s philosophy: be physically different to stand out from all the entertainment options, be unique and entirely all encompassing to be able to take the customers away of their daily life.