Video: How Three Successful Entrepreneurs Leverage Social Media and Online Software

On the occasion of the Intuit 2010 Town Hall in New York City, three entrepreneurs shared some of their secrets of success including a discussion about online marketing.
Participating in the discussion were: Alexis Wolfer, The Beauty Bean, Beth Schoenfeldt – co-founder of Collective-E and Craig Levine – E-Sports Entertainment LLC
Craig said that word of mouth and creating a great experience works best for his business.
Schoenfeldt has six rules for a good communicationa web site, a newsletter, a blog, and accounts in Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. She and her team regularly spread information in an interesting and engaging way. Her favorite networks are Facebook and Linkedin.
Wolfer uses these communication channels as well but she focuses mainly on Facebook and Twitter. She finds Twitter to be extremely effective. Twitter helps not only in finding new people but also in engaging them in conversations and leading them to find out more about the product.

Her goal is to create virtual spaces that will attract new consumers. She is updating the company web site and is sending newsletters at least once a week.
Levine said that e-mail newsletters don’t work for him, because his clients are monitoring the web site in real time and are therefore up-to-date.
Schoenfeldt says that because of cloud computing and relying on online software, she is able to collaborate with her business partners and clients faster and more efficiently. Mrs. Wolfer agrees that web technology is a huge time-saver. She can’t imagine a business day without it. Levine said that the on-line technology “makes business manageable”. It keeps people connected wherever they are, he says.