Video: Intuit’s Small Biz Employment Guru On Business Optimism and Technology

In this video interview, on the occasion of Intuit’s 2010 Town Hall in New York, Cameron Schmidt, vice president of Intuit’s Employee Management Solutions Division shares his insight on the growth of the economy and the role of technology in small business development.

He said that In spite of conflicting signals from the various economic indicators, there is an underlying enthusiasm and optimism for the future among entrepreneurs and small business owners.

It was heartening for him to see a steady increase in the employment trends since June, ‘09.
Social media has an important impact.
It’s amazing how creatively people are using social media, he says. It’s not about technology per se, but is about the benefits that it provides.
He states that the full power of technology is where it connects with the off-line activities.
Cameron shared that Internet technology has made it very easy to do what used to be incredibly complicated. One example is how easy online payments can be with Intuit’s on-line payroll. The new web services give people more time – to develop their business faster or to enjoy their free time, as they like.
Technology in that sense is a game changer, we are just seeing the beginning of it, he says.