Why Smaller Business Should NOT Buy Unproven Technology: Google Nexus One

Google, this past January, decided to sell cell phones directly to customers.
This is fine and good.
However, earlier this month (four months from their initial launch) Google decided to stop selling the phone as it was not selling well.
Android, the Google operating system is selling quite well on a number of cell phones from carriers / hand set vendors, but Google selling direct was not so successful.
What does this mean to you?
While it’s ok to buy the latest and greatest technology, it’s not good to base your business on it. Buy a new cool gadget for yourself, but before you buy technology from a startup or a new product that a company does not have a history of selling, wait 6 – 12 months to see how the company supports the product and works out any bugs.

The NY Times writes earlier this month Google’s flagship Nexus One phone debuted earlier this year to much fanfare. The phone was not only flashy — evocative of Apple’s iPhone in many respects — but Google was also using it to try to change the dynamics of the wireless industry by selling it directly from its Web store and bypassing the powerful wireless carriers.
On Friday, Google admitted defeat in that pursuit. In a blog post, Andy Rubin, chief of its Android division, said the company will now focus on selling the Nexus One through existing retail channels — and would soon stop selling the handsets online altogether.
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