Testing Email Marketing: The Only Way to Have Profitable Results

As part of a series of webinars we are doing with email marketing company Campaigner, Wendy Lowe, Director of Product Marketing presented a 30 minute webinar on WHY – and more importantly HOW – to test your email marketing campaigns.
As I was listening to her speak, I was fiercely scribbling notes and learning so much.

Wendy said that most companies who do not test their email campaigns to see which one is best give two excuses for not doing so.
33% said, I don’t know how and 27% – I don’t have time. For those of you who say they don’t know how, this seminar will take away that excuse. When you finish hearing this webinar you’ll make the time to test.
Instead of making an educated guess (or using gut instinct) to know which subject line, color or other aspect of your campaign works best, testing will help you know for sure what works.
You’ll be able to really learn about your audience:

  • Their preferences
  • What encourages them to take action
  • What engages them
  • When they want to hear from you

Wendy said that testing is not that hard but you should follow these six steps:

  • Set objectives
  • Develop a Testing Plan
  • Test
  • Track and Analyze
  • Tweak for next send
  • Repeat

If you don’t have objectives you won’t know how to measure your success.
Wendy recommends that a simple A/B split test will help you find the “winners” of two options. Doing this over and over, even over a period of time, will help you narrow down the best email marketing campaign for your business and your audience – and for a specific purpose.
What things should you be testing?

  • From Lines
  • Landing Pages
  • Creative copy/layouts
  • Send time/day of week
  • Offers/Calls to Action
  • Subject Lines

Wendy gave several example and one was her own company, Campaigner. They were wondering which email marketing campaign for an upcoming webinar worked best:
– Subtle reminder of webinar, no details
– More overt reminder, with details of what they’ll learn
– Free e-book offer for attending
– No email reminder
Guess which one won. But more surprisingly, guess which ones were about the same response rate!
Lessons learned?

  • More detail is required to convert registrants into attendees
  • Better to send no reminder at all than one with no details
  • Free e-book boosts attendance