Your SmartPhone Is Under Attack. Time To Consider Mobile Anti-Virus/Malware?

Mobile Content Today is reporting that A malware attack has hit Windows Mobile phones. The attack is embedded within a pirated version of the game 3D Anti-Terrorist and makes phone calls to the Antarctic that can cost as much as $6 per minute.
This is not “new”, Symantec has been screaming about mobile viruses for years, before smartphones were hot, but no one paid much attention as at the time, the warning was a bit premature for 99.9999% of us.
However with so many applications being created and more and more of us downloading and sharing files (and other things) on our smartphones, getting a virus is going to be much easier.
I don’t think a mobile ant-virus program is for everyone. But if you plan to be an application crazed professional then you should consider being protected.